Interested in joining Delta Sigma Phi?

Please read the information below to learn what it is like to join Delta Sigma Phi! 

Interested in rushing? Please visit the form below, and a member of our recruitment team will contact you with information on how to rush. Additional information on rush events and times can be found here as well!

Why Join Delta Sigma Phi?

Joining Delta Sigma Phi opens numerous doors for its members both in and out of college. Should one join, they can expect nothing short of a supportive network of brothers that will last a lifetime, connections to alums and Greek life in general, opportunities to participate in events both for our chapter and across Ohio State, and financial opportunities like academic scholarships. When you join Delta Sigma Phi, you become a part of something larger than yourself. You are part of an extensive brotherhood that stretches across the United States, bonded together through the values of culture, harmony, and friendship. 

Once you join Delta Sigma Phi, you will find that your involvement in our fraternity will give you long-lasting memories and add, not subtract, to your college experience. Our brotherhood is here to advance the values of our fraternity and our members in their social lives, academic prospects, and career paths. Expressing your interest in joining Delta Sigma Phi is the first step in accessing these opportunities and much more!

What We Offer:

Members who live in the chapter house or annex can form even closer bonds with brothers and have a supportive community around them at all times. Additionally, freshmen students will have the opportunity to live in the chapter house during their sophomore year, which is STEP-approved housing, instead of the residence halls on campus. It is also lower in cost to live in the house than in residence halls! Even if you aren’t living in residence halls currently, living in the house or annex takes the stress out of finding roommates and somewhere to rent off campus and can sometimes be lower in cost! Our house is also conveniently located less than a 10-minute walk from High Street and central campus!

Even if you are not living in the chapter house or annex, you still have access to both and will have a space to socialize and/or work in. There is plenty of space to engage in activities with brothers, whether playing cards or video games, watching TV, or just striking up a conversation with another brother. There is also space for studying and doing work to help you focus on your academics or other work that is important to you.

When you join our chapter, you are strongly encouraged to join a committee and can even chair a committee as well. The committees help run the essential operations of our chapter and support our development and programming. Alongside serving on a committee, you can also run to be on the chapter executive board and serve as an officer who helps expand and manage the chapter overall. Alongside this, being a member of a fraternity means you can also run for positions within organizations like the Interfraternity Council and have access to an expansive network and resources across Ohio State. Overall, being in a leadership position in our fraternity sets you apart from other students and will give you experience to help you in your career path.

Delta Sigma Phi has an expansive alumni network spanning across the United States. No matter when they graduated, you will find that the majority of our alumni still hold the values of culture, harmony and friendship and will be there to support you as well. Our alumni have gone on to work in many different career fields, and odds are, you can find an alum who has had a similar path in life and can give you feedback and mentoring to support you in your own work. Our chapter will help connect you with our alumni and provide you with meaningful connections.

Our brotherhood also fosters a culture that seeks to support members in their academic pursuits. At times we have had members with the same major join our chapter and as such can be a mentor to you in your academic work and guide you on how to navigate certain courses. Additionally, we are here to encourage brothers to excel academically and maintain their GPA to help set them up for academic success.

Joining Delta Sigma Phi allows members to access specific scholarships reserved for members of a fraternity. Our national organization has scholarships exclusively for members of Delta Sigma Phi. Other organizations like the Interfraternity Council also offer scholarships for those who are members of an IFC fraternity like ours. Alongside these opportunities, being a member of Delta Sigma Phi gives you talking points to include in other scholarship applications and helps set you apart from other applicants, especially if you serve in a leadership capacity. 

Alongside all of these opportunities, we can guarantee that you will graduate from Ohio State with enjoyable memories that will be with you forever. We are here to provide members with an enjoyable experience and foster friendships that will last long after graduating. Many of our members will say that Delta Sigma Phi has provided them with an experience like no other and helped them find a community that supports them and will always be there for them. In fact, many of our members say they wish they could’ve joined sooner, so we encourage all prospective members to check us out during our rush events to see what we are all about. There is no better way to learn more about Delta Sigma Phi than talking to one of our members and learning about what we offer!

Our Philosophy & process

Our recruitment process is values-based. This means that our current members make an intentional effort to get to know every potential new member before we extend a bid card (an invitation for membership). Our goal is to build a group of dynamic and diverse individuals, all of which exhibit excellence in some way and share a vision for making themselves and the community a better place.

We strive to help new members understand what our brotherhood is about when they attend our rush events. As such we allow new members come to our chapter house, personally meet with current members, and learn about the culture we strive to create and maintain. When a new member comes to us, we treat them with respect and answer any questions they might have about joining our fraternity. 

Joining our fraternity starts with you expressing your interest! You can do this by filling out our rush form, which can be found at the top of this page. When you express your interest, you can find out when our rush events are held at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters. Additionally, you can find out about events that potential new members can attend and get a feel for what our fraternity is about before they start formally rushing.

When we begin the formal rush process, you have a greater chance of receiving a bid into our fraternity by attending rush events held at the start of the spring and fall semesters. Attending rush events lets us know who you are and what you are about. This also allows you to get a better understanding of who we are and gives you the chance to ask any questions you might have and what you can expect. 

Should you receive a bid to join, you can let us know if you’d like to accept or decline the offer. We understand that some would like to explore their options on which fraternity to join and allow a period of time for you to either accept or decline. Should you want to join after we extend a bid offer but cannot accept until a later semester, please let us know, and we may allow you to come back another semester, depending on the circumstances! 

Like most fraternities, after you accept your bid to join, you will undergo an 8-9 week new member education program that outlines membership expectations, Delta Sigma Phi and our chapter-specific values, and what you can expect after you are initiated. Delta Sigma Phi, as well as Ohio State, have a strong anti-hazing policy, and no hazing will occur during this time. New member education serves as a way for you to integrate into the chapter and learn what it means to be a better man who lives a better life. 

Once new member education is completed, a new member will be formally initiated into the chapter through a dedicated ceremony where they will show that they have met the requirements and are qualified to join. This ceremony is deeply important to members and shows that you have fully integrated and are ready to join a community and brotherhood that will last you a lifetime. 

Congratulations! After being initiated, you will become an official member and brother of Delta Sigma Phi and our chapter. You will have access to all of our resources and opportunities and will be entrusted to uphold the values of our fraternity outside of our community and away from other brothers. From there, your time in Delta Sigma Phi will be limitless, and you will have numerous opportunities to grow and experience everything we offer!