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Sending a child to college is a monumental occasion in a parent’s life but one that can also bring about stress and worry. College presents a myriad of opportunities for your son to become involved in campus organizations, clubs and other outside the classroom experiences. One such opportunity is joining Delta Sigma Phi.

Delta Sigma Phi is dedicated to building Better Men. For over 120 years, our members strive to be the Better Man, one who is cultured, encourages harmony and builds lifelong friendships. Becoming a member enhances each brother’s collegiate experience through intellectual, social and moral growth. The fraternity promotes high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship. 

To that end, Delta Sigma Phi will provide your son with numerous academic and merit based scholarships, exceptional leadership development opportunities and a network of dedicated volunteers and a national staff committed to ensuring your son’s collegiate journey sets the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life after college.

Membership in Delta Sigma Phi is meant to complement, not detract from academic performance. In the past decade, we have been fulfilling our mission of Building Better Men.

Delta Sigma Phi was founded on the basis of inclusion. In 1899, at a time when religious segregation was common, Delta Sigma Phi was created to open fraternity membership to both Christian and Jewish faiths. This same spirit of openness exists today. Delta Sigma Phi does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity or national origin.

In Delta Sig, your son will have the opportunity to:

  • Better his community and build lasting experiences through his chapter’s philanthropic projects.
  • Develop leadership and professionals skills that can be used throughout his life by taking on leadership roles within the chapter.
  • Learn from the best and brightest speakers by attending fraternity programs through Ohio State’s Sorority and Fraternity Life and Interfraternity Council that focus on leadership development, values reflection and professional development.
  • Learn how to create a safe environment for himself and others, standing up to the pressures facing college students.
  • Create a network of friends and brothers who can support him for a lifetime.

We are excited your son has made the decision to join our fraternity. His membership experience will have a profound impact on his life—as an undergraduate and beyond. 

Below you can find more information on our anti-hazing policies and answers to commonly asked questions. Should you have any further questions, feel free to also contact us through our email:

You can also find more information about Delta Sigma Phi’s policies on our national website found by clicking the link below. 

No Hazing Policy in Delta Sigma Phi and at Ohio State

We have a strict no hazing policy both at the chapter and national level to ensure that potential new members and current members do not engage in hazing activities. Our brotherhood is built on bringing men together in a safe environment to build better men and live better lives.

Hazing activities are defined by our fraternity as,

“Any act or attempt to embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, ridicule,
shame or endanger, physically or mentally, any person, or to
compel physical activity or do physical or emotional harm to any
person, or to require consumption or ingestion of liquids, food, or
other materials.”

The New Member Education program of Delta Sigma Phi is focused on personal development and all potential new members will take part in the program.

Our fraternity has declared that all new member education activities will be constructive and that no hazing will be permitted. Additionally, even after new members become initiated into our chapter, we still forbid any form of hazing or unfair treatment between members and ensure that there is a culture of harmony and friendship within the chapter. 

If you are a new member or initiated member of Delta Sigma Phi, and you believe you are being hazed, please contact the National Headquarters at 317.634.1899. Your report will be handled discretely and confidentially. Anonymous hazing reports may also be given to the National Hazing Hotline at 888.668.4293. 

Those who have pledged themselves to Delta Sigma Phi have a great moral duty to resist hazing. The media and entertainment industry routinely depict fraternities as a place for hazing, and we will reiterate again, there is no place for such behavior in Delta Sigma Phi.

We understand that hazing is not the most exciting topic to discuss, but we feel it is one of the most important issues to address right from the start. A meaningful fraternity experience cannot begin with unequal or unfair treatment of its members. 

As part of The Ohio State University’s commitment to promoting a safe and healthy campus environment, members of the university community have the right to be free from all forms of hazing, which impede the realization of the university’s vision of being a 21st-century public, land grant, research, urban, and community-engaged institution. 

The university has zero tolerance for hazing in any form and all members of the university community must conduct themselves in a manner that supports an environment free from hazing. 

Collin’s Law is Ohio’s anti-hazing act. It made several changes to Ohio law and also requires that students and those involved in Greek life undergo annual training on hazing awareness and prevention.

It also expanded on the legal definition of hazing in the Ohio Revised Code. Alongside this, the Code of Student Conduct at Ohio State further expands upon the definition of hazing. Both Collin’s Law and Code of Student Conduct strictly forbid hazing. 

Hazing is a serious offense and Ohio State has zero tolerance for hazing. Therefore, violations of this policy are subject to the full range of sanctions (formal reprimand, disciplinary probation, suspension, and dismissal). Educational activities may also be sanctioned. 

A registered student organization found in violation may also have their registration revoked or be subject to sanctions.

As mentioned on the Ohio State Office of Student Life website. More information can also be found by clicking the link below. Information includes hazing definitions, the responsibility of members and organizations to report violations, history of organizations found in violation and additional resources and information regarding hazing.

Office of Student Life – Hazing Policy

Commonly asked Questions

Many of our brothers are involved in plenty of other activities outside of Delta Sig. In fact, we even require extracurricular involvement from our members. As such, we try to make the time requirements for being in the fraternity not too demanding. It is important to remember, though, that you get out what you put in!

Joining Delta Sig may cost much less than you think, especially when you factor in costs saved on meal plans and potentially housing should they live in our chapter house. However, we understand cost can still be an issue, and have a payment system set up to allow students and/or their parents to pay off their dues throughout each semester to help make sure our brothers are able to be a part of the fraternity they love.

Nope, it may actually help them out! We ensure that our members maintain good grades throughout the semester and that their studies come first. Ohio State and Delta Sigma Phi require that our members continously maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 to become a member of our organization. We also host study table sessions and are here to assist members with their studies when possible. 

Not at all! The connections and memories that your son will make being a part of Delta Sig will last him a lifetime. We have had students join in their junior or senior year and still found their time to be enjoyable and worthwhile!

As mentioned above in our no-hazing policy section, hazing is strictly forbidden within our fraternity. Our new member program is eight to nine weeks long and consists of activities to grow new members in their knowledge of the fraternity, their involvement in the fraternity, and themselves as a person.

Not necessarily. Currently, we do not require members to live in-house unless there are empty rooms within the house that still need to be filled by brothers. However, living in our chapter house comes with many benefits, including lowered semester membership dues, lower housing costs (compared to on-campus dormitories), and greater involvement and bonding in the fraternity. Should your son live in our chapter house, we maintain housing standards as required by Sorority and Fraternity Life at Ohio State and have inspections carried out annually.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, feel free to reach out to us via our email: