About Us

Delta Sigma Phi History

Delta Sigma Phi has always prided itself on being the atypical fraternity. Members and Fraternity leaders demonstrate compassion, inclusion and harmony. This began with our founding.

By the late 1800s, several other fraternities already existed, but none awarded membership to both Christian and Jewish students. Much like the rest of the country, segregation was the norm; it was typical.

But on Dec. 10, 1899 by way of a secret meeting at City College of New York, Delta Sigma Phi was established as the first membership organization to initiate members from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Our Fraternity was founded on the principles of diversity and good character. Delta Sigma Phi incorporated with the purpose to spread “the principles of friendship and brotherhood among college men, without respect to race or creed.”

Today, our mission continues to embody that of our founding fathers, recognized as Meyer Boskey (an original founder from the Alpha Chapter at C.U.N.Y.) and Charles Tonsor (a recruit of Boskey’s at the Gamma Chapter at New York University), in all that we do today.

Delta Sigma Phi has experienced solid growth across the continental United States, seen dramatic increases in Fraternity programming and constantly evaluates how to modernize the fraternity experience for men of high character.

Delta Sigma Phi founders built an atypical group during hostile times. Today, Delta Sig continues to link men of all backgrounds to spark a social movement. He aspires to be significant, communally engaged and atypical. He trumpets cooperation and collaboration with others.


Our mission is to empower and encourage our members to become Better Men – men of courage, men of action, and men of excellence.

Our vision is to become America’s leading fraternity, with an unparalleled leadership experience; recognized as among the most respected and influential organizations on campuses; and a culture that compels all living members to actively participate.


Delta Sigma Phi Values


We encourage the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual development in our chapter and members. We foster a culture of acceptance, belonging, and excellence everywhere we go.


We commit to high standards of moral conduct and bettering ourselves and the world around us. We seek to produce better men that promote harmony and understanding in the world.


We form lifelong bonds based on the values of our rituals and secured by honesty, integrity and care. The friendship and brotherhood formed transcends time itself.

About Alpha Iota

The Alpha Iota Chapter began rechartering in 2012 and was officially rechartered in 2013. Since then, our chapter produced a decade’s worth of brilliant men who have gone on to live better lives. Our chapter at Ohio State builds better men on the chapter’s values of chivalry, genuineness, and passion. As a member of Delta Sig, you will have opportunities to excel academically, philanthropically, and as a university and community leader. Should you join the Alpha Iota Chapter, you will find our values hard at work, developing the next generation of young men into leaders who are a part of an ever-growing brotherhood. 

Our chapter is involved in many service events and philanthropic activities across campus as service is one of our core values. Ranging from philanthropic events that involve the Greek life community to chapter events that we host to support our local community.

We involve ourselves in large-scale events like Greek Shriek, an annual event that seeks to connect elementary students across Columbus with the Ohio State community. Our chapter proudly volunteers its time alongside many other sorority and fraternity chapters to assist with the event’s operation. 

Alongside participating in large-scale events, our chapter hosts an annual philanthropic event called “Delta Sig Dog Days.” This event helps raise funds for the Columbus Humane Society and in 2023 we raised over $2,000. During the event, we set up an area for dogs to run around, play, and interact with Ohio State students and members. We raise funds through t-shirt sales and fun activities like egging or pieing a brother. While we volunteer in other areas across Columbus like the NSI Food Pantry, Dog Days is our top service event.  

Vertical Line

The Better Man

Men of Courage

Men of Action


The Better Man is a values-based leader, striving to meet the challenges of modern civilization through innovative solutions with a purpose founded in our core values of Culture, Harmony and Friendship. He is not afraid to challenge the status quo and is respected for his integrity, character and poise in his values. Adversity and challenge are no barriers to his success. Though the charge at times may be unpopular, he is sustained by his conviction, enlightenment and belief in the universal brotherhood of man.

The Better Man is committed to improving the human condition with principle and sincerity.  He does not resign himself to await the actions of others; when he sees a person in need, an injustice at hand or an opportunity to improve the world around him, he stands up and lends a hand.  When others may falter or fade, he has the poise to act.

The Better Man strives for excellence in all areas of his life. He is recognized for his constant self-development and pursuit of total perfection (individually and collectively). He is committed to a lifelong experience of improving society, seeking wisdom, culture, enlightenment and truth, and exemplifying the ideals and core mission of Delta Sigma Phi.