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Live every day with culture, harmony, and friendship.


Dates: Our chapter was first chartered as the Alpha Iota chapter at Ohio State in May 1920 and has since recharted in August 2013.

Size: With 108 brothers as of spring 2019 and that number fluctuating around 100, we have the resources to fund desired activities while still knowing each brother fairly well. We plan to continue growth in membership but value quality over quantitiy when it comes to recruitment.

Chapter House: Our house on Iuka Avenue provides a central location and healthy living environment to up to 25 brothers. Because of our approval from the university in coordination with the Second Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP), sophomores can fulfill their second-year living requirement by living in the chapter house.  

GPA: Cumulative GPA of 3.47 as of spring 2019.

Philanthropy: The American Red Cross is our national philanthropic organization, however, we have raised money in recent years for local Columbus organizations such as The Columbus Humane, She Has a Name, and I Know I Can. Our signature annual philanthropy event is Dog Days; brothers and friends play with dogs and enjoy Skyline Chili on the South Oval.

Awards: 2019 IFC Chapter of the Year, Advisor of the Year (Matt Deptola), Member of the Year (Sam Hickman) and Most Outstanding Chapter Leadership. Pyramid of Excellence: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019. Homecoming King: Karsen Kaple (2018) & Amit Reguvanshi (2015). Order of the Sphinx: Isaac Caverly (2017). 

Intramural Sports Teams: Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball.

Total Scholarship Money Won from Nationals: $10,500 in 2019 (Mason Lovell, Kyle Huffman, Frank Wang, Matt Benge, Reed Marquardt)

Number of Majors of Study: 32

Brothers w/ Leadership in other Organizations: 33

Average Service Hours per Brother: 16 (during spring 2019 semester)

Number of Hometown States: 19