Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Iota Chapter

Delta Sigma Phi is a brotherhood that fosters growth as influential leaders, citizens, professionals and men. The bonds made between our brothers and the devotion we have towards Delta Sigma Phi lasts not just through college — but for a lifetime. Our chapter, Alpha Iota, is made up of highly ambitious men who strive to be successful while also undoubtedly supporting the success of their brothers. We also pride ourselves on being highly involved in intramural sports, local philanthropies and plenty of extracurriculars and university clubs. Our chapter house sits right next to campus on Iuka Avenue.

Our Core Values

Delta Sigma Phi is a values-based membership organization that seeks to enrich the lives of our members and all mankind. We believe in—and built our vision around our three historical values:

Culture | Encourage the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual development in our chapters and members.

Harmony | Commit to high standards of moral conduct and bettering ourselves and theworld around us.

Friendship | Form lifelong bonds based on the values of our ritual and secured by honesty, integrity and care.

Our Organization

Delta Sigma Phi is a national, not-for-profit Fraternity that’s helped young men become better for more than a century. Our great Fraternity helps and encourages our members to become better students, better leaders, better citizens, better professionals…better men.