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We challenge ourselves and our brothers to make an impact in our community and the world. To rise to the moment and take action. To be the better man.

We are Delta Sig

From Delta Sigma Phi’s founding at the City College of New York in 1899 to the more than 120 chapters across the country today, Delta Sigma Phi and its members strive to be excellent in all they do. Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment to living our core values: Culture, Harmony, and Friendship. Together we work to not merely develop a strong fraternity based on these values, but to build better men and better leaders through our actions.

A brief history

Delta Sigma Phi was first chartered at The Ohio State University as Alpha Iota chapter on May 20, 1920. The chapter was inactive for more than a decade before returning to campus in January 2012, looking to redefine fraternity at Ohio State. In a span of only a few weeks, more than 40 men accepted the challenge to make an impact on campus and on the world.

With an initial group of active and involved men recruited by the national fraternity, we rechartered in August 2013 and set out to redefine Fraternity at Ohio State and beyond.  We have now grown to a chapter of over 100 men with a tradition rich in excellence.  

An Award-Winning 2019

Since our return to campus in 2012, our strong founding pillars and values have persisted and allowed us to grow in membership, organizationally, community impact, and socially to the chapter we are today.  Throughout 2019 our work has been recognized by Ohio State Sorority & Fraternity Life (SFL) and our national fraternity; we were named IFC Chapter of the Year at Ohio State and won the Pyramid of Excellence, the highest honor given to a chapter from our national fraternity.  Despite our recent success, we aim to continue to recruit more high-achieving and high character men, connect our growing group of young alumni, and ensure that our best practices evolve with our brothers as we head into the future.  

Better Men. Better Lives.

Delta Sigma Phi Coat of Arms