Kabwe Chilupe

"When I came to Ohio State, the thought of joining a fraternity was the last thing on my mind. Then I had some guys come to me and talk about banding together this group of “better men,” who planned to break away from the stereotype of your typical “frat boy.” Right up my ally! The brotherhood was small at first, we had our struggles, we had people drop off, but through trials we became a force down the road. My favorite memories include programming with the AKA sorority and winning the Greek Week Variety show my senior year. Being part of Delta Sig has allowed me to continue to connect with long time friends. Every year I look forward to homecoming so that I can see my brothers, and catch up with what’s going on in everyone’s lives. I’m looking forward to connecting with pre-medical students in the fraternity, and showing them the ropes of getting into medical school as well as building friendships."

Connor Greenwood

"Delta Sigma Phi helped shape me into the person I am today - introducing me to some of my closest friends, providing a strong support system through undergrad, and fostering my drive to succeed both personally and professionally. Nothing was more rewarding than the opportunity to help grow our chapter and share my enthusiasm for the fraternity with new members. Now, more than a year after graduating from Ohio State, I can confidently say that the core values and relationships Delta Sig cultivates have set me up for success."


Eric Farell

Graduated: December 2015
Major: Chemical Engineering
Occupation: Operations Manager at Laticrete International

What Delta Sig meant to me as an undergrad:
"Delta Sig helped me develop my own personal social excellence (Shoutout Brother Wasserman '14 and Brother Deptola '14). It surrounded me with a great group of men who were not "typical", but strove every event and every day to define what it was to truly be a better man."

How it has helped me since I graduated:
"Learning how to utilize your strengths (StrengthsQuest Teambuilding Event) is a powerful asset as a leader. Building a strong foundation by understanding how you lead coupled with the ability to utilize different perspectives is critical when stepping into leadership roles in manufacturing."



Cody Nagel

"In my undergraduate years, I found Delta Sigma Phi to be the catalyst for any young man on campus looking to elevate who they genuinely were as a person, rather than conforming to the norm. Not only did this enhance my college experience, but it also carried over seamlessly into my career, where I believe being my genuine, unique self has consistently propelled me forward."