National Fraternity

Men of Courage, Action, and Excellence

Delta Sigma Phi Preamble

The Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity in Convention assembled declares and affirms the following principles:

That the belief in God is essential to our welfare.

That loyalty to the constituted authority of our nations is a cardinal virtue of our brotherhood, the pledged faith of which shall never be broken; and that our brotherhood, receiving the blessings of liberty, education and fraternity, shall ever support, foster and defend our universities, colleges, and school systems, founded under the dispensation of our governments and constituting the bulwarks of democracy for us, for our posterity, and for all mankind.

That the sanctity of the home and the sacredness of the family bond, the hearthstone of our enlightened civilization, and the chivalry of man toward woman, shall be maintained and protected by us, not only for ourselves and our posterity, but also for the good of all mankind.

That a symmetrical culture, a fraternal communion among the colleges of this country, and a brotherhood of men, whose ideals and beliefs are those of modern civilization, are essential to the welfare of our college men.

In furtherance of these aims, this Fraternity has recognized certain standards of attainment and gentlemanly conduct, expressed in the ideals symbolically represented by the three Greek letters, Delta, Sigma, Phi; and it shall be the constant endeavor of the brothers who may be called to preside over and govern the Fraternity, or its component chapters, to enforce the precepts of the Fraternity by every reasonable means within their power, and they, and each brother of the Fraternity shall exemplify those principles by conduct as well as enforcement in order that the Fraternity may grow and prosper with honor to itself and that the world may ever be convinced of the sincerity of our purpose.



Did You Know?

Delta Sigma Phi was the first fraternity to be founded on the basis of religious and ethnic acceptance.

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Sincerity of Our Purpose

Members of Delta Sigma Phi aim to be The Better Man, meaning that we will be men of courage who act with passion and commit to excellence.

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Fraternity Prayer


Almighty God,

Rededicate this brotherhood that we may ever embody the spirit and loyalty of our Founders.
Guide our Brothers, new and old alike, in the vibrant renewal of the time-honored ideal of Delta Sigma Phi.